The Future Effect: How digital is Defining Learning & Development

Date: 29th April 2019
Special Guest Speaker: Donald H Taylor, Chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute

Location: Biz Group Office | Time: 9.00am- 11.30am

The global world of business is changing at dizzying speeds and consequently so is the world of Learning & Development. Every year new workplace trends and technologies emerge and the L&D community must find new ways to adapt fast. In the past year, we have seen a drastic shift towards blended learning with the use of digital tools becoming necessary to show clear ROI on learning with smaller investment.

  • But are you ready for this shift to digital?
  • And how should you adapt your strategy to incorporate more digital and the right kind of digital?

During our second Trends Breakfast Event Series of the year, special Global Guest speaker Donald Taylor will use research, case studies and the insight of 30 plus years in the industry to explore how these challenges also offer the Learning and Development  profession great opportunities. 

Special Global Guest speaker Don Taylor will explore how today’s technological changes are changing learning at work, and how these changes offer the Learning and Development (L&D) profession both great opportunities and significant challenges.

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 What will you get out of it? :

Join Donald as he uses research, case studies and the insight of 30 plus years in the industry to explore four key aspects of the digital transformation in L&D:

  1. The trends, the hype and what’s happening now – what are the key trends in the digitization of L&D today, and how can we separate the hype from the real shifts that demand attention? Donald will draw on a range of research, including a look at Middle East trends, and point to some major changes that require real action from L&D.
  1. Changing roles and skills in L&D – drawing on original research and case studies, Donald will share the Learning and Performance Institute’s Capability Map of L&D skills and explore key L&D roles of the future. The key challenge – how can L&D cover more ground within existing budgets?
  1. The shifting world of content – once L&D’s major role was to mostly create and distribute content. No longer. Donald examines the Content Pyramid, when it makes sense to develop, when it pays to outsource it, and how to benefit from the wealth of User Generated Content in your organisation.
  1. Making change happen – how will you put the content of this workshop to work? We close by looking at stories of success and failure that demonstrate some of the key factors that will help you succeed in shifting L&D in your organisation. Drawing on Donald 6-steps of successful implementation, we will look at ways you can change your organisation’s L&D and benefit from this new, digital workplace.

Here are some highlights from last year's event with guest speaker David Perring from Fosway.

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