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Frontline LMS

Get your frontline ready for anything with
training and communications that actually work

Improve your frontline training experience with Axonify 

With Axonify, you can keep your frontline updated with the latest product knowledge and upskill them that helps them deliver a better customer experience, and also boosts sales revenues.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

• Improving on-the-job performance
• Accelerating onboarding of employees from anywhere
• Increasing employee engagement 
• Quick and hassle-free communication
• Tracking and measuring the training impact
• Continuous learning and ongoing development

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Why choose Axonify?

By using predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to train, reinforce and track important behaviours,
Axonify has become the undisputed modern frontline learning management solution.

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Accelerate learning retention

Accelerate learning retention

Axonify's adaptive learning drives a deeper impact. Learning is personalised and bite-sized and continually reinforced over time so your workforce remembers what they’ve learned.   

It’s fast

It’s fast and fits the flow of work

People learn on Axonify for just 3-5 minutes a day, on any device—mobile phone, POS, tablet or desktop, without taking them away from their valuable floor time. 

Make learning fun!�

Make learning fun! 

Built-in games, points, rewards and leaderboards keep users coming back to train, again and again.

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Communicate effectively

You can instantly push out important updates to the entire frontline, targeted teams or individuals through the platform.

How Axonify solves your frontline training challenges

Provide your workforce with seamless training that reinforces critical knowledge without taking the valuable floor time away from them.

Find out how training is impacting the business—beyond completion rates and test scores. Axonify's machine learning connects training data back to the KPIs the business cares about.

Axonify's AI-powered engine detects behaviours that could be putting the business at risk and automatically adapts the training to address the problem to deliver personalised and impactful learning. 

Access a free library of hundreds of ready-to-go topics, purchase from our 3rd-party content library, or work with us to quickly build your own. 


Customer success story

Find out how Axonify helped Etihad Airways increase its NPS score from 25 to 55.

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Some of our happy clients

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What our clients say about us

“At the end of the day, a business is only as good as its people. I am proud to say that through Axonify, we found a model that helps
us to promote better employee growth.”

Andrew Stotter-Brooks, Vice President Learning & Development,
Etihad Aviation Group
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