Biz Group is pleased to announce an official partnership with Ken Blanchard Companies⁠ in the GCC region.

In case you didn't know, Blanchard® is a world-class training provider, with solutions that are recognised as the best solutions for mid-level and top-level leaders who want to advance their careers and improve the output of their organisations. 

As the official partner in the GCC region, Biz Group will be facilitating a range of Blanchard training experiences. We have outlined some of the programs we will be offering below.


  • SLII®

    SLII® is the most widely known training experience from Blanchard. It's a proven, time-tested leadership model that has been used to train over 5 million managers in the world’s most respected organizations. Giving people what they need and when they need it to accelerate their development—creating a more productive, passionate workplace.

  • Building Trust 

    The Building Trust program teaches leaders and team members how to build trust in the workplace and how to repair it when it’s been broken. Based on 30 years of research by Blanchard, the trust experts have developed a simple, yet powerful trust model that provides a common language and framework, focused on the specific behaviors that build trust.

  • First Time Manager

    The First Time Manager program builds on the best-selling book, The New One Minute Manager, and introduces the mindset, core conversations and communication skills that first-time managers need to build positive relationships with their team members and how to achieve success quickly.

  • Legendary Service

    Legendary Service gives your managers and front-line service providers the skills needed for delivering consistent top grade service, the knowledge needed to keep your internal/external customers coming back, and a service-minded culture shift that will give your business an edge over your competitors.


Get in contact with a friendly Blanchard advisor using the form provided to find out how one of these Blanchard programs can transform your business today.