Wouldn't it be great to work in an organisation where employees have the right skills to hold each other accountable?

Lack of accountability⁠ is a problem that many businesses are facing today, and it stems from employees who feel that they can't hold their colleagues and leaders accountable for their responsibilities and behaviour. If this issue is left untreated, it can lead to larger problems such as friction in the workplace and increased employee turnover.

However, holding people accountable is much more complex than it sounds.

That's where our new Crucial Accountability program comes in...

Biz Group has recently adopted the hit Crucial Accountability training program from VitalSmarts, which has already helped big organisations such as Boeing, Toyota and Facebook to:

  • Strengthen accountability in the workplace 
  • Improve relationships and increase productivity
  • Accelerate problem solving by consistently applying the skills learned in the training
crucial accountability

If you're interested in finding out more, simply fill out your details using the form provided and a friendly advisor will be in touch to help you. 

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