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The new frontier of Leadership Training


Experience the Middle East's first multiplayer Virtual Reality Leadership Training at Biz Group in partnership with Jenson8.

WHERE: Biz Group Leadership Lab

At our most recent ATD Trends Breakfast, we were surprised to learn that 54% of Learning and Development professionals thought their biggest challenge is the effectiveness of developing leadership capabilities in the workplace. Why do you think that is?

Now more than ever, leaders have to face high pressure situations in which they need to take decisions with little or no control. Leadership skills are no longer limited to managing a team but they are more and more about leader's ability to:

  • Navigate stressful situations with little control
  • Take strategic decisions with little time
  • Communicate successfully under pressure

This is where Virtual Reality comes in.

Virtual Reality Leadership training⁠ offers powerful experiential learning that applies itself perfectly to leadership training because it strips leaders of their sense of control and reveals their innate communication, decision making and leadership skills in a short time frame. The emotional connection to the simulation makes the learning more impacting and powerful.

Book your first Virtual Reality leadership training experience, in partnership with Jenson8, today!