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All you need to know about leveraging Virtual Reality training solutions for leadership development



What is Virtual Reality Training?

Virtual Reality is an artificial and virtual environment that immerses the participants in a real-life like experience. Participants don a VR headset to enter an immersive environment that can virtually transport them to any location and allows them to interact with people or virtual objects.

Virtual Reality is now being used as a viable training tool to onboard, train, and upskill people by exposing them to the immersive environment. In the past few years, virtual reality training has gained momentum and is fast emerging as the frontier for soft skills and leadership training.

What is Virtual Reality Training

The Benefits of Virtual Reality Training

Virtual reality engages our senses (sight, touch, hearing), which in turn sends signals to our brain to help us interpret and understand the world around us. The VR experience immerses participants into an interactive multiplayer virtual world—giving the impression of real-world depth and providing an environment where it is safe to fail. Being immersed in this virtual environment, participants quickly show authentic, natural, and intuitive reactions to situations and those around them. This experimental approach enables accelerated self-awareness and learning impact through structured facilitation and feedback.

VR taps into part of the central nervous system that cannot tell the difference between a virtual and a real interaction from a scientific perspective. People will also remember 9x more of what they say and do in VR than if they read about it. VR is an exponential accelerator of people adopting new ways of leading and a safe environment.


It is 4X faster to train in VR than in a classroom


Participants trained in VR are 275X more confident to apply the skills in real life


Participants are 4X more focused than their e-learning peers

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Participants are 3.75X more engaged with the content

Why you should choose Virtual Reality Training for Leadership Development?

Virtual Reality learning is emerging as the latest learning technology trend to drive behavioural change and powerful business impact

As the world has become more complex, the range of decisions leaders need to make has broadened, spanning from big picture strategic thinking to careful execution, advancing technology roadmaps and upskilling employees. To succeed in this new era of value creation, leaders need to make quick decisions, often without much previous experience. 

This requires them to step up to the challenges, re-assess their own assumptions, and think about how they can fill the gaps they uncover.

Virtual Reality simulations thrust participants into life-like situations that bring out their true behaviours. The program continuously assesses participant behaviours and provides incredible insights about their strengths and weaknesses, which leaders can then imbibe in their leadership approach.

How to use Virtual Reality for Leadership Development?

With Virtual Reality, we recreate leadership challenges such as individuals not doing as directed by the leader, micro-management, dealing with insufficient or too much information, high-speed decision making with incomplete data, dislocation/remote leadership, leader task unfamiliarity, face-saving, subordinates being more qualified to make the decisions, relinquishing control while maintaining command, and leadership style challenges.

By increasing the exposure to VR, a leader can practise the new skills, can safely make mistakes without repercussions. Here are some of the things you can achieve with Virtual Reality training:

Improve trust, accountability & teamwork

Build high-performing teams and Increase the overall team productivity

Develop crisis leadership skills

Help your teams manage different levels of uncertainty that require quick decisions

Build curious and agile teams

Create teams that are able to solve challenging unpredictable problems quickly

Improve collaboration within teams

Bridge silos within teams and improve  collaboration to achieve high performance faster

Virtual Reality Leadership Training Solutions

Check out our ready-to go Virtual Reality training workshops.

Future-ready Talent

Prepare your leaders for tomorrow

Prepare your high potential talent to be the leaders you need to take your organisation into the future. This VR training experiential workshop develops the self-awareness and agility that is needed to build the leaders for tomorrow. Participants learn how to learn from failure in a safe environment whilst eliminating bias, assumptions and outdated mindsets. 

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Future-ready Talent


Develop trust, accountability, and teamwork

Develop three key leadership capabilities – Trust, Accountability, and Teamwork that will help you build remote teams that are agile, able to collaborate effectively, and perform better in an ambiguous environment. Through this workshop which combines facilitated discussions, exercises, and participating in a unique virtual reality, the participants exhibit true behaviours through a process of Try – Fail – Learn.

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Leading in Times of Crisis

Prepare your leaders for handling high-pressure situations effectively and making quick decisions in the face of a crisis in a safe and comfortable training environment. Using Virtual Reality training solutions, we recreate crisis conditions to highlight, test and develop effective crises management behaviours that simulate real-life behaviours. Participants can safely experiment, practice crisis communications, planning and decision making whilst gaining a better understanding of why and how they behave in the face of uncertainty.

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How Does Virtual Reality Training Work?

Learning with Virtual Reality translates to real-world performance, with results that can be measured through unique data and insights.

During the Virtual Reality training session, machine data is captured on participants’ movements, communication attempts, and other quantifiable reactions.  

Artificial intelligence and other statistical tools further validate the Dynamic Psychometrics by incorporating this data with onboarding psychometric results, facilitator scores, and participant reviews.

Results can generate improvements, such as reducing facilitator bias, creating automated experiences, and providing unique insights into human behaviour. 

How Virtual Reality is emerging as a powerful training tool for Crisis Leadership?

The key to success in crisis leadership is understanding how a leader should behave during a crisis and developing the skills necessary for leading through uncertainty.

We recently interviewed industry veteran Dr David Finnigan, where we picked his brains on crisis management and how Virtual Reality helps build the resilience and cognitive skills required to overcome the initial frustrations and panic.

Watch this video to find out how Virtual Reality is emerging as a powerful tool for crisis leadership training. 

What does the Virtual Reality training experience feel like?

We recently hosted the Mai Dubai team for a powerful Virtual Reality session at our Biz Group Leadership Lab.

Watch this short video to know what Alexander van 't Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai had to say about the immersive VR experience. 

You can now experience the multiplayer VR training at our Leadership Lab in Dubai or from the comfort of your home or office. Please get in touch with us to know more about our VR Leadership solutions. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Virtual Reality Training

1. Why Multiplayer VR is the new reality for leadership training?

Virtual Reality has emerged as one of the most effective ways for leaders to practise critical leadership skills such as quick decision-making, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication, which are especially useful during unpredictable situations. As a multiplayer VR experience, it recreates crisis conditions in a virtual environment where leaders can develop these soft skills together with colleagues who are physically experiencing the same challenging environment.

2. How effective is VR training?

VR training has been proven to be x4 times more impactful than traditional classroom or e-learning. Since Virtual Reality engages the brain, central nervous system and peoples emotional memory, the impact of learning is retained exponentially longer.

3. How much does VR training cost?

Contrary to popular belief, VR training is not expensive, and is in fact, cheaper than its e-learning alternatives in terms of ROI, hours spent, and overall effectiveness. With the release of Oculus, it also means that businesses can acquire hardware for as little as $700-800.

4. How many people can attend the VR training experience?

We are offering a multiplayer VR training session that you can experience as a team at our Dubai Leadership Lab or from the comfort of your home or office. With the help of Oculus Quest 2 headsets, you can now experience VR training from anywhere! The optimum group size would be 12 people (however it could be done with more or less).

Experience the power of Virtual Reality training yourself! 

Interested in finding out more?

You can experience our Virtual Reality leadership training session at our Biz Group Leadership Lab in Dubai with your team or from the comfort of your home or office with the help of Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

Please get in touch with us for a personalised and free consultation from one of our experts. 

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Official Jenson8 Learning Partner

The result of extensive research and design is now available in the Middle East, through an exclusive partnership between Jenson8 and Biz Group. Backed by the latest science and psychometrics, Jenson8 have created multiple immersive applications that enable participants to learn by doing rather than merely seeing or hearing.

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