Leverage the latest technologies for transformational learning experiences.

The transformational learning experience
of the future

We leverage the latest Virtual Reality technology to help our clients achieve their end game. Here are some ways we help: 

  • Creating Agile teams: Increase collaboration to achieve high performance faster
  • Building curious teams: Create teams that are able to solve challenging unpredictable problems quickly
  • Instilling trust, accountability, and teamwork: Increase the overall team productivity
  • Crisis management: Help your teams manage different levels of uncertainty that require quick decisions in an ambiguous environment

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Virtual Reality Training Solutions 

By incorporating multiplayer Virtual Reality into the training experience, we are transforming corporate and professional development.
Take a look at the VR training solutions that we offer.

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Leading in Times
of Crisis

Prepare your leaders for handling high-pressure situations effectively and making quick decisions in the face of a crisis in a safe and comfortable training environment. Using Virtual Reality training solutions, we recreate crisis conditions to highlight, test and develop effective crises management behaviours that simulate real-life behaviours. Participants can safely experiment, practice crisis communications, planning and decision making whilst gaining a better understanding of why and how they behave in the face of uncertainty.


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Prepare Your Leaders for Tomorrow

Prepare your high potential talent to be the leaders you need to take your organisation into the future. This VR training experiential workshop develops the self-awareness and agility that is needed to build the leaders for tomorrow. Participants learn how to learn from failure in a safe environment whilst eliminating bias, assumptions and outdated mindsets. 



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Develop Trust, Accountability, and Teamwork

Develop three key leadership capabilities – Trust, Accountability, and Teamwork that will help you build remote teams that are agile, able to collaborate effectively, and perform better in an ambiguous environment. Through this workshop which combines facilitated discussions, exercises, and participating in a unique virtual reality, the participants exhibit true behaviours through a process of Try – Fail – Learn.


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Making Immersive Learning Available to Teams Anywhere, Anytime

We use Virtual Reality to recreate crisis conditions to highlight, test and develop effective crisis management behaviours such as quick decision making, team collaboration, and problem-solving safely.

Virtual Reality has been proven to accelerate Learning and Behaviour Changes - backed by Science.

With Oculus Quest 2 Headsets, you can experience Virtual Reality training from the comfort of your home or office or a remote location.

You get access to award-winning training content that is perfectly tailored to suit your business needs.

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Official Jenson8 Learning Partner

We're the official exclusive partners of Jenson8, bringing the Virtual Reality Training Solution to you in the Middle East. Jenson8 was featured in Training Industry's Top 20 Experiential Learning Technology Companies list.

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How Does Virtual Reality Training Work?

Learning with Virtual Reality translates to real-world performance, with results that can be measured through unique data and insights.

During the Virtual Reality training session, machine data is captured on participants’ movements, communication attempts, and other quantifiable reactions.  

Artificial intelligence and other statistical tools further validate the Dynamic Psychometrics by incorporating this data with onboarding psychometric results, facilitator scores, and participant reviews.

Results can generate improvements, such as reducing facilitator bias, creating automated experiences, and providing unique insights into human behaviour. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

We recently hosted the Mai Dubai team for a powerful Virtual Reality session at our Biz Group Leadership Lab.

Watch this short video to know what Alexander van 't Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai had to say about the immersive VR experience. 

You can now experience the multiplayer VR training at our Leadership Lab in Dubai or from the comfort of your home or office. Please get in touch with us to know more about our VR Leadership solutions. 

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